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What is Bugshield - Bug Deflectors - Stone Deflector

When we listen to the word car bug deflector, the first thing that comes to our mind is, "what the hell does this mean and for what purpose is this used"?

The word "deflect" originated from a Latin word deflectere. According to the oxford dictionary the word "deflect" literally means to turn aside from a straight course or intended purpose.

A bug shield or a bug deflector for cars is an automotive accessory used on trucks and SUVs to keep insects and wreckage from striking the windshield. It resembles a wing and slips on to the leading edge of the hood and is aerodynamically designed with a rising ridge that creates a slipstream effect, carrying microbes and dust over the top of the vehicle. A bug deflector also known as a hood shield or a hood deflector also protects the hood from trenching due to flying pebbles, tar and other road debris.

However a fact to note is that bug deflectors are not made for all vehicles. The reason behind this is that most cars are aerodynamically designed with sloping windshields and convex, down-turning hoods that minimize wind resistance and boost fuel economy. These features lead to the streaming of the wind over the car. The best part is these deflectors hardly take installation time. Attaching a bug deflector can take as little as 15 minutes using provided clips or screws that fasten to the underside of the hood. An EGR bug deflector or an EGR bug shield protects you and your car from tough rocks and debris. They are deflected and reverberated before they slam your hood or windshield. EGR Bug Deflectors are made from impact resistant, never-rust acrylic. Another plus point of EGR deflectors is that they come with lifetime warranty. They are custom made and wrap around the car easily.

Just like bug shields and bug deflectors help in keeping the debris out of your car engine, a window deflector also known as vent visor lets fresh air creep inside the car and assists in keeping bad weather outside your car making you feel at ease. Vent visors prove to be a very wise investment for people who drive in weather conditions which are likely to cause damage. Not only this, but window deflectors also contribute to the looks of your car. A large benefit of a window wind deflector is that it can reduce the frequency of air conditioner use, resulting in increased gas mileage, because occupants are able to open the windows for ventilation. Similarly AVS deflectors are custom made. Composed of tinted reinforced acrylic they are UV resistant. They will work as a super hero, protecting your car from flying debris, dust and dirt. Moreover these wonderful tints provide outstanding visibility and reduce the noise of the wind. In addition to this, these deflectors help reduce heat which builds up in parked vehicles.

We generally pay a few extra grands for installation of a sunroof in our car. But when we want to enjoy it, the noise that comes along with it is just not tolerable. An apt solution to this problem is sunroof deflectors. These are made up of "cryo" acrylic in a dark smoke finish. Sunroof Deflectors deflect dust and debris while reducing wind noise and turbulence. Sunroof Deflectors are mandatory for any vehicle with a sunroof. Similarly side window deflectors are also very useful in reducing noise and turbulence occurring due to opening of the windows. Side Window Deflectors are precision-machined to perfectly fit into the vehicle. These low profile window deflectors help to reduce wind noise and allow interior heat to escape. The good part is that they are also available in dark tint for most vehicles. They happen to be optically transparent and are installed inside the window channel with no requirement of exterior tape. Another benefit provided is that they help in keeping the side windows dry and minimizes the interior heat of the cars, when parked.

Another interesting kind of bug shield is a chrome bug shield. Living in this era, half the people must have forgotten that this color existed. However this awesome category of chrome bug shields has contributed largely to put chrome back into trend. They are a natural looking extension of chrome trim and blend perfectly into the vehicles appearance. These hood shields go through a wet electroplating chroming process as the manufacturers spruce pieces to ensure a smooth and robust mirror-like finish. Last but not the least they hug the hood while twanging the bodylines giving it a very polished and sleek look.

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What is Bugshield - Bug Deflectors - Stone Deflector
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